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Branding and Advertising is the face of your strategy. Your new value proposition will remain invisible to the market unless you name it, brand it, position it, describe it or promote it. The INDeX Innovation Group acquired the business of Espial Branding & Design, one of SA’s leading Branding Agencies. Espial was the first agency to win both the Financial Mail and the Finance Week Branding Agency of the Year Award in the same year. This was followed by the development of Microsoft Office based BrandMaster, a Brand Management Solution which was quickly adopted by many leading financial and insurance institutions in SA as their solution of choice to electronically manage their brand communications over many digital platforms.


We believe that creating a clear, coherent and consistent brand story for your business is an integral part of the innovation process. As part of the INDeX Brand Growth Intervention, INDeX Innovation will craft your brand, visual language and brand architecture to make sure your brand is strongly positioned in the minds of your target markets, whilst architecting a solid foundation and framework for future growth into existing and new markets with existing and future offerings. We help companies and brands to attain market leadership positions through innovative branding strategies and re-branding interventions, leveraging our proprietary methodologies and design expertise.


Our team is able to effectively manage your brand consistency and positioning by creating fully integrated campaigns across print and digital media. We offer services in corporate identity design, graphic design, packaging design, above-the-line and below-the-line advertising, social media analysis, buzz tracking, social media strategy, social media management, web design and user-experience design.


The success of your growth plan is largely dependent on how you take your value proposition to market. Organic growth or growth attained through partnering and acquisitions requires the existence of a coherent and consistent branding format and framework. 


Seeking to maintain their year-on-year growth rates, many companies go down the merger and acquisition path, which inevitably results in a rebranding exercise of the newly acquired or the newly merged entities. Many traditional companies are compelled to refresh or to rebrand as they enter new markets or open up new channels of distribution such as e-commerce. INDeX Innovation, via its subsidiary Espiál Branding and Design, has completed some of the biggest and most exciting re-branding projects in South Africa.




Your brand is made visible through its brand symbols such as the company name, logo, colours, icons, visual elements, illustrations, photography, layout and design. A prerequisite to brand growth is brand architecture. How do you plan to grow? Organically, through international expansion, via local or international acquisitions, by creating partnerships or perhaps a co-marketing venture? If so, what will the implications be for your brand imagery, positioning and story? Our team will guide you through the process we call Branding-for-Growth.


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