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Your challenge: Achieving profitable growth in uncertain markets

Our solution: Systematic Innovation




Driving growth and profitability at the same time in the short and in the long-term is a daunting task by any stretch of the imagination. Achieving this in today’s highly volatile and uncertain markets is difficult to say the least. Not achieving profitability or growth is simply unacceptable to investors and stakeholders and will eventually lead to failure.


In the past, growth was the result of repeating the playbook of yesteryear - create great products and services, market and sell them well, expand distribution internationally, make acquisitions, consolidate, reduce costs and repeat. In today’s fast-moving global economy, it’s no longer that simple. Non-traditional and out-of-category competitors are disrupting traditional market leading companies, who simply do not have an answer to these disruptive innovators whom are not inhibited by the legacy constraints of the incumbents.


Organisations perform within their range of opportunities and within the boundaries of their current capabilities which are subjected to discontinuous change and sometimes rapid erosion and decay. So what then, is the answer? The answer to this growth and profit dilemma is closer at hand than you may expect. It can be found in new market opportunities served by new strategies supported by innovative new product and service offerings. INDeX Innovation provides businesses with the tools they need to achieve sustainable growth.



Achieving sustainable growth and profitability does not necessarily require the abandonment of your current assets and capabilities. In fact, part of the solution is to learn how to leverage underutilized assets, capacities and capabilities. Traditional brainstorming methods encourage ‘thinking-outside-of-the-box’. This type of thinking is, however, unlikely to deliver viable ideas as it ignores the real-life constraints within which companies operate. INDeX Innovation follows the principle of ‘constraint inspired innovation’, using ‘inside-the-box thinking’ to create value as your business transitions each stage of the organisational lifecycle. The INDeX Growth Acceleration Process is an amalgam of consulting methodologies, toolsets and diagnostic solutions that have been tried and tested over the past 30 years. 



In a highly volatile and uncertain business environment, conventional and formal planning simply does not work. In the presence of high-uncertainty, experimentation and not planning, will guide you to the next growth phase. In times of high-uncertainty there are no facts, only assumptions and educated guesses about what the future may hold. Putting these leap-of-faith assumptions to the test should be where your focus lies - proving them right or wrong. Tomorrow’s blockbuster idea may be disguised as a frustration, a difficulty or an unmet need of a current or potential customer - not another line extension of a rapidly maturing product.

Systematic Innovation Process
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